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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 1, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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church i believe in, but for that would be important only to me, but what kind of america i believe in. but ted sorensen's greatest achievement is as a speech write serwhen he was assigned the task of 1962 in running a presidential statement defending the invasion of queba. how you can write a speech attacking a small country, he said? it would be like pearl harbor only us in the role of the japanese. that's what sorensen decided. he came back to the president, said he could not write such a speech and his friend could not deliver one. for the speeches he helped write and for the wrong he said he could not, ted sorensen, a hero, too. good evening, american, and welcome to the "the ed show," live from sin city where sharron angle and harry reid have 24 hours to seal their fate. well, for the democrats, tomorrow will it be high winds or a hurricane? and do they have disasteral
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relief in the final hour? i'll talk to the top journalists here in nevada, and the only reporter, sharron angle will face. across america, ten senate races are too close to call within the margin. did the democrats have the late-inning magic? we'll get reaction from senate majority whip dick durbin out of illinois, and i'll ask house majority whip jim clyburn about the republican plan to impeach the president. and more harassment on the campaign trail. this time it was against allen grayson. his supporter. i'll get the tape. and the vikings have cut randy moss, wow! but this is the story that has me fired up tonight. i'm coming to you live from las vegas, nevada, where senate majority leader harry reid is on the ropes and really in a political fight for his life. this is the most important race in america. not just because the most important and most powerful man in the senate may lose his seat but because of who just might
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defeat harry reid. i've known harry reid for ten years. this man is a fine gentleman. he's a hard worker, honest and sincere and quite honestly i just cannot believe that he's in a dead white psycho-talking tea-party, press-dodge, politically dangerous candidate, sharron angle is a heartbeat away from knocking out one of the most powerful democrats in america. the latest mason-dixon/"las vegas review-journal" apoll shows angle ahead 49% to 45% within the margin. now harry reid is used to nail-biters on election night. take it back to 1998. he beat, then-congressman jon ensign but only 400 votes. tomorrow's election should be no different. that's why i'm here. when i came out here a couple of weeks ago to interview harry reid in an exclusive, local political observers told me that this race could come down to less than a thousand votes and you asked reid that, and when he answered me, you could see it in his eye. he knew what he was up against.
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>> so she's lied about you. >> oh, oh, has she lied about you. >> sharron angle has lied about you. >> fact-checkers prove it, her anti-immigrant ad's she's run are baseless without any foundation, the thing she said to my family without any truth and veracity. >> is the biggest surprise for the republicans in this election. they would like nothing more than to politically scalp the second senate democratic leader in six years. of course, karl rove is from sparks, nevada. he took out daschle in 2004 and he's poured a bunch of outside money into this state trying to knock off harry reid here in 2010. more than $50 million has been spent in this election, with most of it coming from out of state and corporate money. those dollars have been the political steroids for sharron angle. it has not been the ground game. she's spent them on tv, just hammering away at harry reid and deliberately destroying his record and in the meantime she's
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run one of the most unorthodox and amateurish campaigns i think that we've ever seen in american political history. media in this state have been reduced to airport journalism. she said there was, a second amendment solution for taking the country back. she said it wasn't her job to create jobs. she told hispanic kids they look like asian. kids. and she wants to phase out social security, eliminate the departments of energy and education, and let's not forget the i.r.s. she wants to repeal health care. and every other part of the obama agenda. angle wants all of this but she doesn't think she needs to explain anything to anyone. she's the master of the tea party duck-and-cover strategy with the press. she is probably one of the most inaccessible candidates throughout this entire midterm season. someone who is seeking higher office. and she wants to be one of the most powerful people in the country, the top 100, but refuses to talk to even her
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local media, it's all by selection. the only person angle seems to be willing to talk to is our fellow talk show host, heidi harris, who is with me here tonight. get your cell phones out, folks. i want to know what you think. now tonight's text survey question is, do you think a republican-controlled congress would help snerk text "a" for yes. text "b" for no to 622639. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. jon ralston. the host of "face to face." and heidi harris, radio talk show host here in las vegas, and the only journalist who regularly has access to sharron angle. mr. rolston, good to have you with us. we'll start with you tonight. you've recently written a column saying that you think that there is a way that harry reid could pull this out. explain that to us. >> well, you mentioned the mason-dixon poll, there are a couple of other polls out, just today, ed, one that shows angle up by one. another by three.
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but i don't believe that any of this public polling. they all have problems with the sampling. so why do i think that harry reid may pull this out? a few reasons. one he's the most resilient guy in the history of this state. you mentioned the ensign race. at least a couple near-death experience experiencesp. and those early voting numbers, even though a lot of the republicans won't admit it, look pretty good for him. and most of all, i think, and you mentioned some the things, ed, what they've been able to do to sharron angle in this scorched earth campaign that he's run against her since she won the primary on june 8th i think has given people enough pause that they will not vote for her, at least that's what i said as i crawled out on this prediction lim snoob heidi, how do you feel about that call by mr. ralston? >> well, i think there's some truth to what he's saying. as a matter of fact, i had a conversation with somebody just today who said, i don't like harry reid but i just can't make myself vote for sharron angle. so there are some people who feel that way and i try to explain to him hey, if you don't vote for her, you're giving
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harry reid another six years. some people just can't put the lever. some people may have to hold their nose and vote for her like a lot of us did in 2008 with mccain. i think so people so mad at harry that they're willing to vote for sharron just to get him out and those numbers ares ones that are telling. sue loudon had a three-point advantage in the early voting in the primary and sharron came back and beat her by 14 points on primary day. who would have thought that would have happened. so no way to know how many people will come out tomorrow. the most telling, obviously. >> i want to ask both of you, how do you think that this airport journalism that the media's been reduced to, comes do accessibility. stake out at the airport to get a glimpse of sharron angle, follow her and get some type of audio from her, i mean, fair-minded folks here in nevada, jon, heidi, how does that play with fence writers, you think, with people who maybe haven't made up their mind, that, if she's not willing to talk about the job that she
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wants then why in the heck should we even vote for her? what do you think about that, jon? >> well, ed, i think that the last incident in which she wouldn't answer questions about foreign policy and said that she wouldn't give those answers until she was a senator, i think if people were fence writers, if there are any of those left, that they may not have reacted. but i have a whole problem with the whole thing, ed. put in our possession lower politicians. it's sad, but it's true. so i'm not so sure that it doesn't got other way with some people. yeah, sharron, stand up to the media, and so i'm not sure that that really hurts her as much as you think it might. >> what do you think, heidi? >> i talked about it on my show and i've had a lot of people say, you know, cheers to you, char ron, for not wanting to talk to the press. we all been that incident that happened with joe milner alaska, when some the somers were caught on tape trying to plot and scheme, ways to make him look bad and these are kind of things that go around country -- i'm not talking about any specific
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reporters here -- but it does go on and makes a lot of candidates leery because they feel as if the press is out to get them and a lot of the numbers in the press are not entirely fair. >> let me ask both of you, do you think jon and heidi, that the media here in nevada, has tried some underhanded scheme to try to get to sharron angle? i mean, has she been treat sod poorly that she won't even come forward and talk to reporters? jon, what about that? >> i can't believe that heidi's accusing me on national television scheming against sharron angle, ed. i'm shock andy dismayed. i actually interviewed sharron angle. i've known sharron angle for years. i don't think that she thinks that, but i do think that there's a bunker mentality and a lot of these tea party candidates and then it's the mainstream or lame stream media out to get them, but real story here is that a lot of them don't want to answer questions about basic policy because they want to stick to their talking points, the constitution, obamacare, bailouts, stimulus and they can't get much beyond that. that is a fact.
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it's not spin. and so they don't want to answer those questions. now, i'm going to give heidi credit for something that a lot of these other conservative talk radio show hosts don't get credit for. she'll actually try to push back on sharron angle. now, i'm not saying that she's going fob confrontational but she'll answer good questions. does she let him off of the hook i think that there's a scheme there. >> i can answer the questions. ed, do you this for a living, the same thing that i can do. you can ask the horse all that you want to but you can't make them answer the question. i've learned that a long time ago. i had an event that i told you about a couple of weeks ago i sat there about an hour and a half. every question under the sun about policy and let her expound on her particular beliefs on it, now the press wasn't invited but public there was. it's not that she's afraid to talk to the public it's that she doesn't want to talk to reporters. i don't get it but then i talk for a living and i'm not afraid i'm going to say the wrong thing. i'm in a different situation nan a candidate who's words can be taken out of context. they can say whatever they want
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to me they will not make me lose my job bottom i'm in a whole different realm. i don't understand this whole campaign strategy but then again i'm not on the insisted campaign, so -- >> see, i don't think that any part of the country kbhz lock on great people. i think that you can find great people in illinois, great people in new york, great people in florida -- great people all over america. i think, you know, fair-minded americans know that this country has thrived on debate. and we have been so insulated in past years from the truth. and i really think from what i saw of sharron angle at the airport, she didn't not only not want to talk to the media, she didn't want to talk to anybody who came up to her and said, hi, sharron, she just kept walk right on through that she was afraid that there might be a got you moment. almost to paranoid. when i was at the airport i went right up next to her there and i was smiling because i knew what she was thinking. i knew how she was being so
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protective and the people around her were so nervous. i'm just wondering if there might thab 11th-hour voter that might just say you know i don't think that i'm getting the real deal with sharron angle here. i may not like harry but harry's done some good stuff and maybe this isn't the change that we're plooking for. final comment from both of you on that. what do you think, jon? >> well, i think it's a cumul e cumulative effect, ed. this whole bunker mentality in her campaign. they were whip-sawed of sharron angle being sharron angle which could be a real problem. although insearin some of her views i don't think helper in the general election. so eventually got to the point where she started to avoid the media, stiff-arming the media and in the last ten days there's no doubt that the reid campaign's tried to push that theme out there in the mainstream to get those as you mentioned 11th-hour voters say, wait a second, she won't talk about her plans on foreign policy.
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she says that she won't talk about her plans until a senator. they've pushed that but to some extent it's a legitimate issue. >> they hear her every single week address whatever particular issues have come up that week so it's not as if she's speaking to the voters. maybe she's not speaking to the reporters as much as they would lie, obviously, but don't think that the voters care that much. as long they're getting the answers from her i feel that they're getting what they want from her. >> heidi, am i hearing you say on "the ed show," that you think that you're going to get sharron angle elected here in nevada? is that what i'm hearing right here? >> i hope she does get elected. you know what the fat lady ain't singing yet but she's warming up, wednesday morning we'll all be partying here. because harry's going down, take out trash here in nevada, i can't wait. >> jon ralston your call on that, what do you think. >> the real thing that you need to do if you have dick durbin in, ask lim to walk door-to-door for sharon angle i'm not so sure schumer want re-elected. >> it's unseemingly to see dick
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durbin up on the poll. that's not nice. >> i think that harry reid's got one last big political swing in him and i think he's going to pull this thing out. jon ralston, heidi harris, great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. coming up the tan man, he's freaking out because president obama called republican, enemies? oh, i love it. that's exactly what they are. the rand paul stomper might be going to jail but more republican thuggery just exploded in florida. i'll show you the tape and get reaction from congresswoman grayson. plus, joe miller thinks there's a sex offender conspiracy against him? and sarah palin is the gop's establishment worst nightmare?tm ? if you turbocharged this little guy? if old water bottles became new seats? if you never bought another gallon of gas? or what if cars had force fields?
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welcome back to "the ed show" and thanks for watching tonight. on the eve of the midterm election the forecast for the democrats, well another, not looking good. our final nbc news/"the wall street journal" poll shows that 49% of likely voters want republicans to control the congress. while 43% favor the democrats. well, there is nothing good about losing the house. this is, as i've said all along on this program, about power and
6:19 pm
not governing, if this is what happens. house republicans are promising, what, subpoenas? they may even be launching an investigation into the president's birthplace. it will be a rebirth of the birthers, i think. and i think it -- they might go so far as to try to impeach president obama. this is who they are and my next guest predicted total gridlock in the congress if republicans take over the house. congressman jim clyburn of south carolina the house majority whip joins us here. congressman, good to have you with us tonight. what is your gut feeling going into tomorrow that there's been so many predictions out there. will the democrats keep the majority, in your opinion, in the house? >> well, ed, thank you so much for having me back. let me say this, i have seen the polls that you've just coyoted, i've also seen polls that indicate that if registered voters were to show up in the ratio that they are in the
6:20 pm
population, then they'll favor democrats by two points. so the question is, do we energize the voters to the point that they will show up at the polls tomorrow and keep them with their presence among registered voters? if that were to happen, we will maintain the majority in the house. now, if only likely voters show up tomorrow, then i suspect that a wave will sweep over us, i just hope it will not be a tidal wave. >> so the bottom line here is that you say that the house is still within reach for the democrats to maintain the majority. now if that doesn't happen, do you think that they'll be as radical as some of the sound bites have been? michele bachmann talking about subpoenas, investigations, the birthers have been out there from time to time swirling saying that maybe impeachment is the route to go. do you think that they'll go
6:21 pm
down that road, jim? >> yes, i do. i would hope that cooler heads will prevail. it will be up to the leadership to keep that from happening, but if the leadership is so intimidated by these birthers, by these tea party people, until they react the way they have been reacting in the past, then we will be at total gridlock, there's no question about that. i would hope that on both sides cooler heads will prevail and we can have an orderly government going forward. that is true, no matter which one of us were to retain or be in the majority because it'll be close and it's going to be so close to a couple of votes on either side could very well tilt the outcome of any issue. so it's going to be incumbent upon the leadership of both democrats and republicans to try
6:22 pm
to keep sanity involved in this process. >> well, how much sanity is in this comment? john boehner, if he becomes the speaker, this is what --f he said recently on a cable show. "this is not a time for compromise. and i can tell you that we'll not compromise on our principles to the extent the president wants to work with us, in terms of you are goals, we'd welcome his involvement." isn't that an ultimatum? that we're going to iron -- we're going to -- we're going to govern with an iron fist and it's going to be our way or the highway? isn't that how you take that, congressman? >> yes that's exactly how i take that. and there's always time for compromise. always room for compromise. i hope that's just political rhetoric. the fact of the matter is, that sounds a little bit like newt gingrich to me, and we all know what happened with his leadership. so i would say to anybody who is approaching legislating, trying to run this country, there's always going to be your way, there's only your principles
6:23 pm
that are involved. we all have sets of principles. we all have a sets of experiences and all of us are just as intelligent as the other when it comes to governing. so we ought to be sitting down, listening to each other, working with each other, treating each other as we'd like to be treated and i think we can have a good, sane governmental process going forward. but this stuff that we will not compromise our principles, i got principles, too. >> we will see how it all plays out to see if that resonates with progressive voters in this country, if they take disliking to that heavy-handed comment by john boehner. jim clyburn, congressman from south carolina, great to have you with us on "the ed show." good luck to you. i appreciate it. coming up -- tea party lightweight know to tancredo wants to get paid for doing nothing? well, we're going to punch his time card into the zone he belongs. me to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years,
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and in "psycho talk" tonight, it's tommy the tankster. former congressman tom tancredo, well, he wants to return government workers as colorado's next government but like most of his tea party and buddies he doesn't think government should actually do anything. listen to what he told david asum on fox business the other day. >> there is this arrogance, this sort thing, i don't care what you think, i'm going to do what i think is best for you. we see it up from the top, from the white house.
6:28 pm
we see it from congress. >> i spent ten years in congress. i can certainly see it there. the -- there is this sort of this elitist idea that seeps into the head of a lot of people who elected and begin to think of themselves as really they're only there for one purpose and that's to make laws and why would you make laws, well, because you know better than anybody else. >> tancredo thinks it's elitists for lawmakers to want to make laws? now, if you were interviewing for a job and you said, please hire me, i'm the best person for this position, i promise to sit around and do nothing. now, you'd be laughed out of the brew, right? well, that's houtreal job market works. but this is exactly what these tea party and righties are doing. they want you to elect them so they can go to washington and do nothing. they want to be a party of the government so that they can shut it down? all right, for tom tancredo to
6:29 pm
say it's elitists iists for law do their job that's psycho talk. coming up it's the ali fraser of the political arena right near las vegas. will sharron angle throw a last-minute sucker punch at her ay reid, or will harry reid float like a butterfly or sting like a bee? senate majority whip dick durbin will give us his take when we come back in "the battleground" story tonight. joe miller, i tell you what, he just dished out another dandy. he's accusing the media of smearing him with a sex offender scandal. now, why should i believe this liar? we'll get rapid-fire response. plus, more republican thuggery. un-huh, caught on tape. and i prove that christine o'donnell is not ready for primetime as expected. mom, have you seen my green shirt?
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welcome back to "the ed show" from las vegas. tonight "the battleground" story
6:33 pm
this evening, well the u.s. senate is up for grabs. many races have tightened to virtual dead heats in the final weeks. democrats are hoping their ground game will make the difference against all this money that's pouring into all these senate seats across country. but even if they stay in control, democrats could be facing a major leadership change if majority leader harry reid loses here in las vegas in nevada, to sharron angle. they could also be forced to deal with the newly empowered tea party contingent led by senator jim demint of south carolina. folks, we could be looking at an unprecedented levels of extremism and obstruction. i in the united states senate. for more, let's bring in illinois senator, dick durbin, the senate majority whip. senator, good to have you with us tonight. in this 11th hour -- >> good to be with you, ed. >> you bet. -- you've known harry reid fira long time. is he going to win this race and with why should people vote for him. >> i think that harry reid is going to win. he's waged a spirited campaign
6:34 pm
and they're two good reasons for him to win. he was the son of nevada. he loves that state. and every time he talks on the floor of the senate of the issues it's in the context of nevada and the people who live there that he representancy secondly in a struggling economy in a state like nevada, needs harry reid in washington. her ay reid delivers, bringing back the resources and projects that are creating good-paying jobs of nevada. i think that's something in in economy, people really will appreciate. >> why is he going to win? you're saying tonight, senator durbin, that you think harry reid's going on win. why do you think he can pull it out against all of these millions of dollars that have poured in from around the country? karl rove heading up these groups that are just targeting the senate majority leader. >> well, it goes beyond the fact that he's wage aides strong campaign and he has a great get-out-the-vote effort. take a look at some the positions his opponents taken. this idea of privatizing or eliminating social security? you know, that's an idea rejected by the senate a few
6:35 pm
years ago and the tea party candidates like his opponent have suggested that they want to go back to this idea. privatize social security, if we would have done that three years ago the social security trust fund would have gone broke on wall street. we don't need to have that happen. her ay reid understands how important social security and medicare are, for not only seniors, but their families all across america. >> senator, a lot of experts are predicting that it's going to be a big bloodletting if the democrats tomorrow. do you sif see it any differently? >> we're going to lose some ground, i'll be honest with you, the president's party loses some ground in congress. at the end of the day, i think the senate's are -- the senate will still in the democratic majority control. i think her ay reid is going to be re-elected from nevada. and i believe that we'll be ready to work with the president, with those on the republicans' side who want to work with us. we really need some people, ed, who will step across the aisle, and try to work with us to solve some the important problems solving our country. >> well, senator durbin, that isn't the attitude that's been portrayed by the republicans. in fact, across the aisle, mitch
6:36 pm
mcconnell's gone so far to say that the single most important thing that we want to aschiefffor president obama to be a one-term president. i mean we've gate jobless situation in this country that is unbelievable right now. what's your response to that kind of an attitude and that's really the only part of the comment we've got it here is the most important single thing we want to achieve is for president obama to be a one-term president, how do you take that. >> well, i was disappointed by that statement but i wasn't surprised. if you look at senator mcconnell's approach with the republican leadership in the senate over the last two years, that's exactly what their agenda's been. they've opposed us on everything. they've refused to sit down and work with us in creating jobs across this country and the recovery program. they refuse to sit down and work with us in trying to reduce the cost of health care for families and businesses at every level of government. they refuse to work with us so that we can straighten up the mess on wall street and not face another recession because of some of the misdeeds that we've seen in the past.
6:37 pm
in not one single instance would the republican leadership step up and work with us so i wasn't surprised by that comment, it really reflects what senator mcconnell's attitude's been. he just says no to everything. >> senator there's been some real tough primary fights leading up to this midterm. one of them in colorado, andrew romanoff and also senator bennet. that race is too close call right now. buck is leading. how extreme is buck, and how big of a loss would this be, seeing some of the things that he has said, which i think is in the neighborhood of sharron angle? >> well, i can tell you this, i don't know mr. buck very well at all but i sure mr. bennet, this is a quality person. comes to education reform across the united states he was a national lead mooerp knew that basically we had to reach a point where we reformed our schools, provide better education, prepare our kids for the jobs in the 21st century. and he brought that background and that knowledge to the united
6:38 pm
states senate. michael bennet is an important part of the senate. give a chance to return and be the senator for the next six years. >> senator durbin, good to have you with us tonight. thanks so much for joining us. now let's get rapid-fire response from our panel on these stories. the nevada senate race is too close to call, but democrats are already asking, who will take over for harry reid if he loses to sharron angle? that's way ahead of the curve but we'll talk about it. the republican establishment is conspiring to keep sarah palin from jumping into the 2012 presidential race? that's about the smartest thing i've heard them doing in a long time. and joe miller's campaign is accusing a local news station of trying to smear him weapon stories involving sex offenders and campaign vial pence with us tonight, nationally syndicated radio talk show host my, friend, bill press, and also ron christie, republican strategist. ron, you're my friend too we just disagree. >> thanks, ed.
6:39 pm
>> all right, gentlemen -- >> he's my friend too. >> -- here we are. let's take a look at the numbers in nevada, if we can. sharron angle, 49-45. she leads in the last poll, jon ralston said some new polling out here today, locally that shows harry reid is within one. considering how he has won close raceless in the past, bill press, how do you call this one? >> i call it for harry reid, ed, for a couple of reasons. number one, you know the culinary workers union owns las vegas. the biggest union, most active union, one of them in the country, they've got a tremendous operation out there they've built for the caucuses for president obama. i i think that they're going to turn out the vote, already seen it in the early voting. and secondly, i've been out there a couple of times. they've really been hard hit in this economy. i don't think that they're going to trade the most powerful man in the united states senate who can deliver for nevada for a woman who will have no respect, won't even be able to find her way to the lady's room in washington.
6:40 pm
>> ron christie, how big a blow to the democrats would this be if they lost the majority leader, their democratic leader, for the second time in six years? they've got daschle in '04, they could get harry tomorrow here in nevada in' 10, how big of a loss in your opin for the democrats. >> i think it would be a huge repudiation of the policies and. politics that we've seen out of democratic majority for the last two years, ed. think the fact that harry reid's not been able to break 50% approval rating in his home state for about the last year now is very telling. i do agree with bill that the unions are going to do everything they can to go out and set out the vote and get people to go -- mobilize and go to the polls but it underscores a bigger problems with democrats right now. the democratic -- the last two majority leaders as pointed out have been repudiated and i think particularly if the republicans win the house tomorrow night, president obama is going to have to change course, otherwise he could find the same fate to befall nim2012. >> what do you think, bill? >> yeah, well, first of all, let's wait and see what happens. but look, you know, if the republicans were to win the house tomorrow, everybody says
6:41 pm
obama will have to change -- from the beginning. has tried to reach out to republicans ohealth care, on wall street reforms, on immigration reform that they supported under george w. bush, the very same program, they supported then, they don't support now. so i don't think how it can get any worse for president obama than they've treated him last two years. it's going to be total -- if they take over it's going to be total gridlock, total obstruction, nothing done. >> which would be a mistake. go ahead, ed. >> okay, ron, let's talk about sarah palin. would it be wise for the republican establishment to try to deep sick sarah palin when it comes to getting the nomination in 2012? what do you think? >> well, i think in is a headline in the politico without a real story behind it. if you look at this story, they said o'h the republican establishment wants to sidetrack her and sideliner, there were no quotes attached to that. you have something to say and if you want to criticize sarah palin or praise her put your name behind it quote but these
6:42 pm
unnamed sourceancy unattributed quotation marks are i think are very cowardly. it's going to be up to her to see whether or not that is but i personally don't think that she'll run for president. i just don't see it. >> i have to tell you i agree with ron, it's very chicken for these guys to say, we're out to get sarah palin without -- without saying it publicly. but, i'd also warn them that they'd be careful with what they're doing here, because look the republican establishment went out and they lost in alaska. they loss nicotine delaware. they lost in kentucky. they lost in colorado. un, probably a couple of other states, right? so the republican establishment hasn't been so good yet in taking on the tea party. >> bill, we agree. we agree. you're absolutely right and that's the danger that they have. they're too many people in washington i think that have been around too long. they could get swept out themselves follows they ignore the tea party and if they feel the government is out of touch. >> and for the record i hope that sarah palin wins. i look forward to that it is. >> that's fear that the establishment has. >> of course. >> that she'd absolutely butcher
6:43 pm
the ticket and put barack obama for another two years. let's go to alaska. i think this is one of the most interesting scenarios. you have got scott mcadams a relatively unknown candidate who has done the due diligence, worked hard, he's at 29%, joe miller now down at 23%. miller's accusing a local news station now, blaming the media, for trying to smear him with -- involving sex offenders in campaign violence but numbers are telling. murkowski at 34%, who's a write-in, that has to be lodge of theically a long shot. because of the way it's got to be counted and the way it has to be -- the due diligence of it. can't misspell it, can't take any material with you into the voting booth. and joe miller fading. bill press, this could be a quick pick up for the democrats. how do you see it?
6:44 pm
>> absolutely. first of all, throw out there toot republican party as ron knows has officially disavowed miller. they're putting their money behind murkowski now. i think adams' wins it. he'll come in second in the popular vote. i think enough votes thrown out for murkowski that scott mcadams' going to be the next senator or maybe lisa murkowski but not joe miller but just say one thing about that tape, ed. i looked that the tape and that tape has bright bart tv on it and anything from andrew brite part you can't believe. it's a phony tape. >> unfortunately i think this is my race to watch for tomorrow night and it's not going to be decided tomorrow night. i think that lisa murkowski was a sore loser. i think that if she'd stayed out of this the republicans would have held that seat. as you pointed out, ed, she has to run the table on this. people have to spell her name properly on those write-in ballots. i don't continuing happens. i think that miller's fading and i think that the democrats could pick up a seat that the republicans should have never lost and it's a shame, due to i think the arrogance and
6:45 pm
selfishness of murkowski. she lost fair and square. >> and let the record be -- let it be stated here tonight that the three of us had a very civil conversation, pretty academic, going into the big battle tomorrow, but ron, if you guys take the house, we're battling on wednesday. >> i'm looking forward to it, my friend. gedready on put your boxing gloves on, ed. >> great have you with us. coming up, all right the tan man, well i think he's a crybaby. he can't stand the heat so he's whining about president obama calling him the enemy. and harassment is not limited to rand paul supporters. i'll show you your new video of another republican bully down in florida.
6:46 pm
let us know what you think. tonight's text survey question is, do you think a republican-controlled congress would help america? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. ♪
6:47 pm
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and in my "playbook" tonight, president obama is stepping up the tough talk and house minority leader, john boehner, well, he can't seem to handle it. the tan man is attacking the president for talking about political enemies. while emphasizing the importance of the latino vote in a recent radio interview. >> if latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we're going to punish our enemies and we're going to reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then i think it's going to be harder and that's why i think it's so important that people focus on voting on november 2nd. >> tonight at a rally in cincinnati, ohio, boehner plans to go after the president for those comments and we're told he's going to say, quote, sadly we have a president who uses the word "enemy" for fellow americans. mr. president, thises a word for people who have the audacity to speak up in defense of freedom. the constitution, and the values of limited government that made our country great. we don't call them enemies, we
6:50 pm
call them patriots. there's nothing wrong in my opinion with president obama calling the republicans enemies when it comes to politics. because that's what they are. republicans have called president obama a marxist, they've compared lim to hitler and they've said he's a more serious threat than al qaeda? that was just last week. on top of that republicans are obstructionists who have no interest in getting anything done on behalf of the american people. it's bane record number of filibusters in the senate and they belong in the backseat. president obama kept the tough talk going yesterday at an event in cleveland, ohio. >> republican leader of the house says, this is not a time for compromise. that's a quote. the republican leader of the senate said his main goal for the next two years, his top priority is to win the next election and to beat me. his priority is not to get economy moving, it's not to create jobs, it's not to reduce the deficit, his top priority is to win the next election.
6:51 pm
we haven't even finished this election. >> for more let's bring in jonathan alter, national affairs columnist for "newsweek" and msnbc political analyst. jonathan, how does this 11th-hour rhetoric play? i mean this is verbiage that we've not heard the president use in recent months, and now here we are close to the election, he's really getting after it. how do you play it? >> well, i think that it's great that he's getting very tough. i do think it was a mistake to use that word enemies because it just creates this kind of flap. it gives boehner an opportunity to play the victim, shed these ludicrous crocodile tears that they like to do. it's like when karl rove said that obama suggesting foreign money might make its way into this campaign was, quote, beyond the pale. they're trying to make it seem as if the democrats are playing dirtier than the republicans, which is preposterous, but i don't think it's helpful to give them an excuse to say thatast the 11th hour.
6:52 pm
>> now, the president, he is atune into what these guys are actually saying. he's using actual quotes. >> i actually think that's helpful that last bite that we just saw because what mcconnell said, quote, this is a quote, the single most important thing for the next two years is getting rid of obama. the single most important thing in our whole country? and i think to hark on that quote is really -- harp on that quote, i think it's actually a really good idea for democrats in these closing hours. because it conveys the utter cynicism of the republicans in this campaign. that they actually believe that, as the president said, that winning the next election, when we haven't even had this one yet, is there number one top priority. it tells you how patriotic they are. >> and quickly, jonathan, your insights on how the president and the first lady has done
6:53 pm
everything they can to help harry reid here in nevada. we have seen an unprecedented amount of money and effort to take out a senate democratic leader. how do you think it's going to play out, what's your call on that race? >> you know, i guess i think that reid will win by a hair. but i sure wouldn't bet anything on it. i wouldn't even bet five cents on it. it's so close. but you got to -- you've got to give both reid for what he did for obama and obama for appreciating and being grateful for all of the that he got for reid, loyalty does still count in politics. >> yes, it does. john nan alter, great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. one final page in the "playbook" tonight, christine o'donnell really is not ready for primetime. her campaign produced a half-hour tv commercial to run last night, and it never made it to air. kind of like her campaign. but they bought the time at a public local access station and they into got to air it. it was slated to run again this morning, and believe it or not, well, they forgot to run it again. that's her campaign.
6:54 pm
coming up, thuggish behavior has erupted all over the country. well, ahead of this election, it's been unbelievable. and it just happened again. this republican was caught on tape nearly assaulting an alan grayson supporter. the congressman sounds off. ♪
6:55 pm
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and finally tonight the united states congress' going to become more extreme.
6:58 pm
you have to realize that some these tea partiers are going to win tomorrow night and the more level-headed members of the congress are going to have to deal with colleagues who refuse to compromise. and whose supporters think that it's okay to freeze attack people who disagree with them. more republican bullying was just caught on tape. congressman alan grayson supporter was nearly assaulted by a daniel webster supporter. you can see him ripping the sign out of his hands. what for, buddy? chill out. for more let's bring on alan grayson. why are people around country acting like, this kicking women? cops throwing a guy up against the car? throwing him out of a town hall that was advertised by a congressional member? why is it like this in america, congressman? >> ed, in is nothing new. the rabid right wing has been attacking and assaulting people who look different from them or think different from them for roughly a hundred years now. i don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. >> have your supporters felt
6:59 pm
uneasy out and about wis w these webster people doing this kind of stuff? >> absolutely. ed, i think that any rational, normal human being would. they try to win through intimidation, physical intimidation. that's how they work. >> have you debated your opponent recently or has that been off of the table? >> no he's been hiding from debates. he thinks that he doesn't center to do that because he thinks that he'll be into power. thaul he has to is just stay at home through that experience and hinges he's going to get it. these right wingers think they can elect a ham sandwich. >> will the house stay with the democrats in your opinion? >> i think in t might be close. i honestly don't know the polls are all over the place. and i don't know what to think myself that the point. but i do know that america needs the democrats because they need a party with a conscience. >> congressman, good to have you with us tonight. all of the best to you in your race.